How to use Pinterest for Marijuana’s affiliate marketing?


Now everybody is talking about Pinterest. This new social media is known for having a good CTR comparing to other social networks because it’s really focused on visual.

Pinterest is about sharing beautiful things, and we doesn’t knows nothing more beautiful than a fat colored cannabis bud!

Pinterest now drives more referral traffic on the web than Google+, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn combined, and the site is fast gaining ground on Twitter.


There is many ways to create nice content for your website in order to share it on pinterest. You can create photographies, infographics, videos… Don’t forget to re-pin and like pins from others users if their related to your niche. Here’s some tips to run a successful Pinterest marketing campaign.

  • Create well architectured boards
  • Post good content
  • Create description for your content
  • Use hashtags
  • Engage the conversation

While marketers do their best to create original pins and a global pinterest strategy, a lot of users just repins thing that they love on the web or directly on Pinterest. As a marketer, you must to give them the feeling that they need to share your pins and subscribe to your boards.

Here’s a nice infographic explaining what is Pinterest and how it can benefic to an affiliate business.


Free Pinterest Marketing guides and other useful links

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